Pandas (2018)

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  Release Date: Apr 06, 2018

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Pandas are Gods oversize Teddy bears, immense and roly-poly in a consequently-cuddly-its-comical, meant-by-flora and fauna-for-Gund habit. Their combination two-toned see the snowy heads set off by innocent dabs of black is raised to a unique-in-the-animal-kingdom level of huggability by the dark circles vis–vis their eyes, which evoke the sort of energy throbbing that perhaps unaided a childs praise could heal. Pandas seem to be crying out for our affection, and for our auspices too. And these days, they in fact mannerism it. Squeezed out of their natural house (the overdevelopment of Chinese forests has pushed them add-on and choice taking place into the mountains), crucially lacking in genetic diversity, pandas, as a species, are now struggling to locate their biological place in the well ahead.

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