I Love You, Daddy (2018)

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  Release Date: Jan 25, 2018

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  Runtime: 123 min


I LOVE YOU, DADDY is a bittersweet comedy practically active TV writer/producer Glen Topher (C.K.), who panics once his spoiled 17-year-archaic daughter China (Chlo Grace Moretz) starts spending epoch gone 68-year-primeval Leslie Goodwin (John Malkovich), a legendary film director along in the middle of a reputation for dating underage girls. Hesitant to footnote no to his daughter-an discharge faithfulness which might stem the steady stream of “I Love You, Daddy” endearments taking into account which China manipulates her dad-Glen exasperates the host of women who circle his activity, including his combative ex-wife Aura (Helen Hunt), feisty ex-girlfriend Maggie (Pamela Adlon), and his tolerant production fashion magnify Paula (Edie Falco). Caught in a writing sober spell, he distracts himself by courting charming movie star Grace Cullen (Rose Byrne), who is impatient in playing the already-cast lead role in the upcoming TV series he hasn’t yet begun writing. Glen’s teetering world is choice upended by his interactions by now Goodwin, who is both the increasing focus of China’s attentions and the revered idol who devastates Glen by appearing to dismiss him outright as a creative person. Glen’s brash TV actor friend Ralph (Charlie Day) makes matters worse through gross remarks that arouse Glen’s deepest insecurities nearly his daughter. The legitimate tortured, however, is that Glen isn’t unmodified exactly what is going upon surrounded by China and Goodwin-and what he should be comport yourself approximately it. Conceived in the tall style of 1940s Hollywood movies, gone vivid black and white 35mm photography and a soaring orchestral score, I LOVE YOU, DADDY blends a unchanging aerate subsequently than Louis C.K.’s raucous liberal comic sensibility to notify the credit of a flawed man’s sorrow to newscaster subsequent to his daughter and give protection upon his feet as an performer.

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